We offer a 2-hour rental of a Shetland pony to amuse your children while celebrating their birthday.  The children will be able to pet the pony, brush it, feed it, and walk it on a lead.

Fees: $180 + tax/2 hours * + transport ($1.10/km) * - A qualified person will accompany the pony.


Winter Carnival

The Ranch can transport 2 horses, to be a part of your Carnival. Two qualified members of the Ranch staff will provide organized rides around the Carnival site, to amuse young and old alike.


Fees: $500 + tax/3hours including transportation to the site and 2 qualified staff members (1 per horse). *

* Fees are subject to change without notice.

6 Martindale Road, Kazabazua, QC J0X 1X0
(819) 431-0198; (819) 209-0331