Day camps are offered during school holidays, winter, as well as summer.  These are camps allowing the children to enjoy a unique equestrian experience, as well as fun activities. Our aim is learning through play. Our approach is personalized for each small group of only 5 children and they are accompanied by one qualified teacher and a teacher’s aide!!


Half Day Camp for 7 to 14-year olds 

The half day includes :

  • 1 hour of riding
  • Fun activities centered on horsemanship and farm living.

Objective : The youngsters will learn more about the equestrian world, the care of horses and their habits, while building their confidence by learning to ride.


Summer camp 2022 : Reservation in January 2022

 Learn, in the company of horses, and have fun!

The camp includes :

  • Safety rules,
  • Riding lessons,
  • Learning theory through games,
  • Care of the horses,
  • Fun activities centered on horsemanship and farm living.

Young people can build confidence and develop self-esteem through working with horses and by the end of the week, camp participants will have learned many new things. They will know how to care for a horse, how to maintain their balance on horseback, how to observe the horse’s body language and will have learned about its feeding and the various coat colors. We want this camp to be, above all, a safe place to have fun, where children will learn, while thoroughly enjoying themselves and take away memories of an unforgettable summer.

How to register:  Write your interest at :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you the appropriate form to register in January 2022


Note : During this time of the pandemic, we will adopt and follow all the current recommendations in place at any given time. Registrations are currently open.



* Fees are subject to change without notice.

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